• The alternator which coupled directly to the steam turbines are called turbo-alternator .
• The turbine converts heat energy in the steam into mechanical work and the alternator converts mechanical energy into electrical energy .
• The bulk power is generated by three phase turbo alternators at frequency 50 Hz
• The turbo alternator have high rated speed.
• Small turbo-alternators use air cooled system.
• The turbo alternators have horizontal configuration.
• The rotor of turbo-alternators are of small diameter as compared to its length

 Technical Data
1Turbine CodeWT 8442
2Turbine TypeNK 32/45
3DesignMulti Stage Steam Turbo Alternator, Condensing type, Reaction design
4Driven MachineGenerator
5Rated Output6.0MW
6ManufacturerHangzhou Steam Turbine Co.Ltd.
Year Manufactured2012
7Country of OriginChina
Total Running Hours29,380 Hours
> 544 Hours (2012)
> 7,400 Hours (2013)
> 7,902 Hours (2014)
> 7,120 Hours (2015)
> 6,414 Hours (2016)
Commissioning Date6 Dec 2012
Ceased Operation30 Oct 2016
*Cold run on Preventive maintainance
8   Direction of Rotation 
     8.1 Steam TurbineCCW (viewed from Turbine to Generator)
 8.2 GeneratorCW (viewed from Turbine to Generator)
     9      Flange Size 
 9.1 Steam Inlet Nozzle160mm
 9.2 Exhaust Nozzle400
 Auxiliaries Equipment 
10Speed Governor 
 10.1 TypeOil Relay type with Governor Motor
 10.2 ModelWoodward 505 Digital Governor
 10.3 Adjustable Speed Range105 – 95% of rated speed
 10.4 Speed Regulation4% as drop
 10.5 Max. Speed RiseLess than over – speed setting
 10.6 NEMA ClassD
11Over Speed Governor 
 11.1 TypeMechanical Eccentric Trip Weight
 11.2 Tripping Speed110 +- 1% of Rated Speed
12Governor Valve TypeBar Lift and Multi Valve Type
13Turning Device TypeElectric AC motor driven, worm gear reduction, Manually engaged and automatic disengagement type
14Oil Reservoir 
 14.1 TypeSteel plate fabricated type
 14.2 Full capacityMin. 3 minutes of normal required flow
15Main Lub Oil Pump 
 15.1 TypeGear type, driven by shaft end of the reduction gear
 15.2 CapacityMin. 1.1 times of required lube oil flow
 15.3 Discharge pressure10.8 bar. G
16Auxiliary Lube Oil Pump 
 16.1 TypeGear type, mounted on oil reservoir and driven by AC motor
 16.2 CapacityMin. 1.1 times of required lube oil flow
 16.3 Discharge pressure10.8 bar G
17Emergency Oil Pump TypeGear type, mounted on oil reservoir, driven by DC motor
Oil Cooler 
 18.1 TypeShell and tube, fixed tube sheet type
 18.2 Cooling waterFresh water
19Lube Oil Filter 
 19.1 TypeDuplex with change-over cock
 19.2 Filtration200 mesh (76 micron)
20Control Oil Filter
 20.1 TypeDuplex with change-over cock
 20.2 Filtration20 micron
21 Oil Pressure Adjusting Valve
 21.1 TypeSelf acting type
 21.2 Setting pressure1.0 bar G (Lube oil)
  9.8 bar G (Control oil)
 Operating Conditions
1Turbine speed8069 RPM
2Inlet Steam Pressure48 bar.A
3Inlet Steam Temperature415°C
Inlet Steam Flow
27,400 Kg/hr
5Specific Steam Consumption
4.57 Kg/kwhr +- 3%
6Exhaust Steam Pressure0.09bar.A
Exhaust Steam Temperature45.8°C
8Exhaust Steam Flow
27,400 Kg/hr
9No. of Stages1+14+SK45
       B       GEAR REDUCER
1TypeDouble Helical
2ManufacturerFlender, France
3Input Speed8069 RPM
4Output Speed3000 RPM
5Service Factor1.3
6StandardAPI 613
1ManufacturerHTC, Hangfa China
 2.1 Type of GeneratorRevolving field, salient pole, brushless type synchronous generator
 2.2 Type of EnclosureTotally enclosed closed air circulation
 2.3 Type of CoolingSelf-ventilated with water cooled air cooler arranged on the top of generator frame, IC81W
 2.4 Nos. and type of bearingDouble bearings
 2.5 LubricationForced lubrication
 2.6 Type of couplingRigid coupling
      3        Ratings 
 3.1 Capacity6,000 kW
 3.2 Equivalent Power7,500 kVA
 3.3 Power Factor (% lagging)80
 3.4 Revolution3,000 RPM
 3.5 Nos. of Pole2
 3.6 Nos. of Phase and Wire3 phase, 3 wire
 3.7 Voltage11,000 V
 3.8 Frequency50Hz
1TypeHorizontal, shell & tube, fixed tube sheet type
2Water Box typeSingle
3Operating conditions 
 3.1 Condensor top vacuum0.09 bar. A
 3.2 Condensor flow27.4 T/hr
 3.3 Condensor water temperature60°C
 3.4 Cooling water typeFresh water (cooling tower water)
 3.5 Cooling water capacity1,900m3/hr
 3.6 Cooling water inlet temp.32°C
 3.7 Cooling water outlet temp.42°C
 3.8 Cleanness factor85%
 3.9 Hot well retention time1 min
 3.10 Shell materialCarbon steel plate
 3.11 Tube sheetCarbon steel
 3.12 TubeAluminium brass
 3.13 Water chamberCarbon steel plate
 3.14 Standard accessories 
 i. Feed water valve1 set
 ii. Air vent valve for water chamber1 lot
 iii. Drain valve for water chamber and hot well1 lot
 iv. Level indicator controller (air operating type)1 set
 v. Hot well level control  valve (air operating type)2 sets
 vi. Rupture disc1 set
 vii. Special tools1 set
 viii. Min. flow control valve1 set
      E         STEAM EJECTOR
1Ejector type1 stage, single element, steam jet ejector with gland steam ejector
2Condenser typeCommon type  for inner & after condenser
       3        Operating conditions 
 3.1 Condenser top vacuum0.11 bar.A
 3.2 Inlet steam pressure48 bar. A
 3.3 Inlet steam temperature415 °C
 3.4 Steam consumption500 kg/hr (approx..)
 3.5 Cooling water typeCondensation water
 3.6 Standard accessories 
 i. Steam inlet valve and injector1 lot
 ii. Steam strainer1 set
 iii. Air vent plug for water chamber1 lot
 iv. Drain plug for water chamber1 lot
 v. Foundation bolts & nuts1 lot
 vi. Special tools1 set
    1TypeHorizontal and centrifugal type
    2       Operating conditions 
 i. MediumCondensation water
 ii. Temperature45.8°C
 iii. Specific gravity1
 iv. Capacity (max)28.5m3/hr
 v. Discharge pressure2 bar. A
 vi. Suction pressure0.1 bar. A