Secure Packaging / Transportation Our packaging are customized to suit every needs of the customers. We emphasize the safety factor and reduce the possibilities of theft.
   Insurance We can help you to insure your item through KASB Insurance Protection.
   Custom Clearance We provide advisory and customs clearance service for your shipment.
   Customer Support We provide help for our customers for any complaints and queries, and give customers the product/service information
   Assemble / Disassemble We can also help to provide service engineer/technician to assist in disassemble/reassemble product if requested

  1. Secure Packaging / Transportation
  2. There are so many different aspects of order fulfillment services that a business owner can often spend more time and money making sure their customers receive their products than they do getting the actual customers. Inventory, packing, shipping, returns, warehousing—at the we know what a headache each of these words are on their own, not to mention all of them together.

    But put your mind at ease: working with is like taking strong aspirin. We handle all order fulfillment services and mail fulfillment services for you, making sure your products or literature are housed safely (and saving you costly overhead at the same time), packaging and shipping them to customers safely and securely, and handling all of the inventory and returns in a timely and orderly fashion. All you will need to do is make the sales and BidMyAsset.auctions fulfillment services specialists will take care of the rest. We will work with you to ensure the highest standard of customer service, and with our low rates your net will soar to places you have only dreamed about.

    If you have delicate equipment you need to “pack n ship”, finding the right packaging can be a nightmare: a box or crate that is not built just for your item can spell disaster on the receiving end. No other custom packing company does it with an attention to detail like we do. At, we quickly build a custom box or custom crate to fit anything, and if it is too delicate or large for you to bring to us, we will even come to you to do it.<br><br>As a leading custom packaging company, we at specialize in FLAV-finding packaging solutions for items that are Fragile, Awkward, Large, or Valuable.

    Our local experts know what even the strangest-shaped, most delicate family heirloom needs to ensure a damage-free arrival. uses proprietary packaging indexes developed over the life of our company to create the perfect custom shipping box for your breakables.

    We are the custom shipping company that matches techniques and materials to your specific needs, and bring you your custom packaging solution at unbeatable economy. No other custom packaging company combines our expertise in providing packaging supplies such as the Foam-in-Place system with our custom-molded crates and boxes, all to guarantee safe passage for whatever you need to ship.

  3. Insurance
  4. Through the KASB Insurance Protection, we provide you with high level protection against all risks during the transportation of goods and merchandise – anywhere from the time your goods leave the premises of the seller until the time they arrive at the buyers premises. It covers the loss or damage to during the movement of the cargo from one port or country to another. The conveyance can be by Sea, Air or Land. Either the buyer or the seller can purchase the Marine Cargo insurance depending on your sales contract which most commonly is Free On Board (FOB), Cost and Freight (C&F) or Cost, Insurance and Freight (CIF).

  5. Customs Clearance
  6. Providing Professional Advice And Assistance When Importing Or Exporting. We Can Advise You On The Right Customs Regulations And Procedures For Your Unique Shipment. Our track record of excellence is why so many organizations and businesses rely on us to provide advice and assistance for a range of customs and quarantine issues relating to importing and exporting goods into and out of various country

  7. Customers Support
  8. We provide help for our customers for any complaints and queries, and give customers the product/service information

  9. Assemble / Disassemble
  10. We can also help to provide service engineer/technician to assist in disassemble/reassemble product if requested. Moving can be stressful, which is why you should rely on Team to care for your equipment during the process. Do not get bogged down by the tedious process of disassembling your machinery equipment. Let Team prepare your machinery equipment for the journey! Whether it is breaking down a fitness unit or the installation of several, we will disassemble your machinery in preparation for a move and then reassemble it. Do not put your trust in a generic moving company when you can bring in a team of professionally qualified machine equipment technicians. Our trained experts promise to provide quality service on your units safely and quickly. During the reassembling phase, we will perform a detailed PM and safety check to ensure your product is working properly.